a GraphQL Problem on Gatsby
a year ago

Gatsby is a site generator for React. I tried to use Vuepress coding myself blog previously, but I don’t like Vue2.x firstly (for its badly typescript support), then Vuepress have not much communityEcosphere support like plugins or tutorials.

So I use Gatsby to generate myself blog, and I find It uses GraphQL proceeding Server Side Render(SSR). But The web is static, so we could only use the static method.

Programming on the export module, then we can receive the response from the props.

Or use the StaticQuery component, useStaticQuery hook. You can find the guideline on GraphQL & Gatsby.

And testing GraphQL code on localhost:8000/___graphql


Fetching the Images

Yesterday, I was coding the component which displays my friend with name, his/her avatar, blog link.

on configuration

const friendship = []
const push = (name, url, image = '', description = '') =>
  friendship.push({ name, url, image, description })

push('ice1000', 'https://ice1000.org', 'ice1000.jpg')
push('Edward Elric', 'https://sasuke40.github.io/', 'sasuke.jpg')
push('DIYgod', 'https://diygod.me/', 'DIYgod.jpg')
push('太狼', 'https://lynvv.xyz', 'lynvv.jpg')
push('木子', 'https://blog.502.li', 'muzi502.png')

module.exports = friendship
const friendship = require('./friendship')

module.exports = {
  siteMetadata: {
    // ...
    friendship: [...friendship]

on ‘/friend’ page component

const AboutPage = (props) => {
  const { data } = props
  const siteTitle = data.site.siteMetadata.title
  return (
    <Layout location={props.location} title={siteTitle}>
      <SEO title='Friends'/>
      <ul className='friends'>
        {data.site.siteMetadata.friendship.map(friend => {
          // ???

Then I find that we cannot query Image by variables like this:

const ImageRender = ({ url }) => {
  return (
      <StaticQuery query={graphql`
        query {
          image($src: String = "${url}") {
      `} render={data => {
        return (
          <Image src={data.image.src}/>

Through my Google and looking up Gatsby repo’s issue, some other people faced the same problem too.



We have to find another way to achieve our aim. One solution I found is to fetch all data and filter them on rendering. Because of SSR, we don’t need to worried about the performance loss.

export const pageQuery = graphql`
    query {
        avatars: allFile {
            edges {
                node {
                    childImageSharp {
                        fluid(maxWidth: 100) {

and filter them

const { data } = props
const siteTitle = data.site.siteMetadata.title

const avatars = data.avatars.edges
  .filter(avatar => /^friend/.test(avatar.node.relativePath))
  .map(avatar => avatar.node)

on component

{data.site.siteMetadata.friendship.map(friend => {
    // filter
    const image = avatars
      .find(v => new RegExp(friend.image).test(v.relativePath))
    return (
    <li key={friend.name}>

You can find all details here


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